Thoughts on Haruki Murakami’s “Murakami Radio” for Stay Home

The advertisement of “Murakami Radio”

No matter how you say, I do believe that Haruki Murakami is the best Japanese living author. He is mysterious and he has unbelievable knowledge about literature and music (he is a great collector of vinyl record for Jazz or Classical music). That actually makes me jealous since I have far less knowledge than him, but I have certain knowledge of him. He never appears any TV shows or even radio program, and actually I (one of his huge fan) love such his stance (there are too many pretending genius author on TV). Therefore, when I first heard the news that Haruki Murakami had his own radio show, I was laughing out loud with crying.

It is said that the very first program was planned the last one, but the great interest of listeners make him come back soon, and he host his show regularly these years. And on May 22nd, he aired the unscheduled radio show from his house. Here is his official comment for the listeners on the official website of Murakami Radio.

Haruki Murakami’s study. What a cool study. Maybe Haruki Murakami↗︎

These are difficult times. We’re living with all kinds of restraints and new inconveniences. There’s nothing easy about not seeing the people you want to see, or going the places you want to go, or doing the things you want to do. It’s hard. Which is why I’ve chosen the songs you’re about to hear — this is music that, for me, has the power to soothe the soul, music that cheers me up a bit. All the songs you’re going to hear are playing on my home system, the system I always use when listening to music. If things sound a bit different today, that would be why. Welcome to my study.

What a cool comment. Actually you can read about the contents and get the information about songs played in the show in the official site.

Since I think he is a kind god, the situation he’s staying at his home makes me feel really weird. But, just the fact makes me really relieved. I actually prefer listening to his talk rather than his favorite music. His talk has a full of wit and honesty and humor. Every simple mention seemed to contain a great secret of our lives.

Thank you for reading. Have a great Murakami night.

Social-Distancing drive to “Bihoro-Touge” in Okhotsuk, Hokkaido

美幌峠: BihoroTouge (Bihoro mountain pass)

Today is Saturday, which is my favorite day in a week. You can do almost anything with no responsibilities for tomorrow, you can do many absurd things (I wish I were in Tokyo…) , and maybe Friday evening can also be counted as the “Saturday” in terms of that meaning.

Anyway, since Hokkaido governor still has been declaring state of emergency and requested self restraint to us, it seems that this Saturday would be the worst one ever. However, such announcements are not an order or legal compliance like “curfew” thing. So, I’m so cautious that people start to despise those who going out and having lunch at some cafe or restaurant.

The balance matters. Perhaps the most people take today’s situation as a comparison of the importance of “life” or “economy”. However, for instance, no matter how we try not to go outside and save 30,000 people and then kill 100,000 people by stagnation of economy, was it really the right decision? So, again, the balance should be prioritized. As long as we are taking our best measures for avoiding virus, I believe that we should keep minimum economic activity. If you just follow and obey somebody’s saying without thinking, you can even create war. I hope you would get my point.

Sorry for the long and dull introduction though, I just want to say that I went to car-drive and saw a great view from Bihoro mountain pass, which is famous for the great view of Lake Mashu.

There is still snow leftover out there.
You can see the biggest sky if you look back.
I am so social distanced.
Bought a Jazz record at 辻谷商店 (Tsujita-Shouten) in Teshikaga.

And lastly, I bought a tiny gift for my mother and came back to my house. I hardly talked with anyone (not even close) and always wore a mask during outside. And now, to be honest, I feel really exhausted writing these trivial notifications. I wrote these things because there would be a slight possibility that a few readers could misunderstand and criticize me with unreasonable reasons. And then, I have a strong hate about these kind of peer pressure or atmosphere of the time.

Lastly, I just pray for the healthy and peaceful tomorrow world.

Thank you very much for reading.