Starbucks Just Came to Town

Today (November 3rd) is a Japanese national holiday of “Culture Day”. This is a very abstract national holiday name at a glance though, the reason why today is the day is because today was the birthday of MEIJI Era Emperor. We Japanese divide years into certain periods due to basically the changing of the Emperor.Continue reading “Starbucks Just Came to Town”

Remember the time when you first felt your heart broken

Through my life, I have experienced so much painful moments and countless delightful moments, but I can’t remember the painful moments that much, and this is not because I’m not good at remembering facts but I have tried to forget the things that hurt me unconsciously. So, basically, to remember the time when you firstContinue reading “Remember the time when you first felt your heart broken”

Social-Distancing drive to “Bihoro-Touge” in Okhotsuk, Hokkaido

Today is Saturday, which is my favorite day in a week. You can do almost anything with no responsibilities for tomorrow, you can do many absurd things (I wish I were in Tokyo…) , and maybe Friday evening can also be counted as the “Saturday” in terms of that meaning. Anyway, since Hokkaido governor stillContinue reading “Social-Distancing drive to “Bihoro-Touge” in Okhotsuk, Hokkaido”