A New Year’s “Jealousy”

So, I am currently spending my winter vacation from December 26th to January 17th. Being a high school teacher in Japan is said to be really busy (especially junior high teachers. They are said to be the busiest around the world). However, the beauty of being a teacher is that you have certain amount ofContinue reading “A New Year’s “Jealousy””

Just finished watching all episodes of Damon Slayer

In my conclusion, the animation series of Damon Slayer would be the best animation series I have ever seen in my life. Damon Slayer has become a social phenomenon in Japan, so you can buy some kind of promotional items in the most of convenience stores in Japan. This animation seems rare in terms ofContinue reading “Just finished watching all episodes of Damon Slayer”

Confessions of High School English Teacher

I am a high school English Teacher in Japan, and that has been causing a lot of troubles to delicate me myself. I truly think that I am often gloomy and active at the same time. I am ok. I am not that serious depressive patient. But you know, I think I am very delicateContinue reading “Confessions of High School English Teacher”

Putting my unconsciousness in order

Writing this article in the midnight makes my eyes really getting heavy. Days are unknown. Coming back to my house, I unconsciously found myself try to clean up one of my rooms which is known as the “chamber of secrets”, where is just a room filled with books I forgot to read. One of theContinue reading “Putting my unconsciousness in order”

A Night with Yutampo

Since living in Hokkaido, the next season is coming much faster than any other Japanese places. Winter has just arrived by snow falling in the last week unlike to the other mainland prefectures experiencing the best of fall season. A bit of snow falling is a very familiar seasonal phenomenon with us in November. ButContinue reading “A Night with Yutampo”