Life is like a Metaphor.

Sleepless Night

Finally I have started to watch the animation series of Damon Slayer from tonight on Netflix. The reason I say finally is definitely I hesitated watching it because I though I have more things to do than watching them. But, then what is life for? Now I have watched 10 episodes just after having myContinue reading “Sleepless Night”

What I thought when I saw”Demon Slayer” movie *I had no idea of the anime before

Hello everyone. Actually, I watched the film which was far beyond the talk of the town and almost talk of the nation from October. The Damon Slayer movie, I’m talking about. Every media took it as a main culture topic those days (maybe still now?), and actually I hated it. Why Japanese TV media isContinue reading “What I thought when I saw”Demon Slayer” movie *I had no idea of the anime before”

Lazy Saturday

Good morning everyone. It’s Saturday. You don’t have to go to workplace, and you don’t have to wake up early rubbing your eyes. It’s a beautiful Saturday. I personally like Saturday the best out of every day. The beauty of Saturday is you can enjoy completely free and peace mind on Saturday. There will beContinue reading “Lazy Saturday”

A Night with Yutampo

Since living in Hokkaido, the next season is coming much faster than any other Japanese places. Winter has just arrived by snow falling in the last week unlike to the other mainland prefectures experiencing the best of fall season. A bit of snow falling is a very familiar seasonal phenomenon with us in November. ButContinue reading “A Night with Yutampo”

Great, Thunberg!

In this gloomy and ridiculous world, sometimes a great sense of humor, or satire can give us a great relief. Maybe it’s because we just want to laugh the damn situation away. As you know, the tweet from Ms. Greta Thunberg is the parody of Donal Trump’s tweet below. There is my favorite song lyricsContinue reading “Great, Thunberg!”


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