The reason is sometimes not in mental

Do you often feel down? Or, always worry about tiny or big problem? Yesterday, I encountered a video clip on youtube, and the personality mentioned how to deal with our daily problems or worries. His solution was very unexpected one. “Where is your heart (mind)?” Anyone have been thought about the question once in a […]

Good Lazy Morning

GOOD LAZY MORNING everyone and Good Yawning from a tiny school office. It’s getting pretty cold day by day, and finally the weather forecast says that the lowest temperature in my area would be around 1 or 0 degree Celsius from tomorrow morning. During this season, I personally sneeze a lot and have runny nose […]

When you feel stressed out

Ah… we maybe all have some characters who we don’t like or difficult to be friend with. The day when you witnessed very stressful moments with him or her, your day suddenly seems rainy day even though the outside is pretty sunny. I believe that there are people who we can’t get along. I’m not […]

Let’s be confident with your impression

Today’s world seems to be too open and be filled with lots and lots of somebody’s ideas or opinions as if everyone is a critic of something. Yes. I’m talking about the world united by Internet. We are living in a society in which we are forced to share almost everything. GAFA recommends that we […]

Fall/Autumn is the best season for…

There is a popular Japanese idiomatic expression “◯◯の秋(◯◯’s Fall/Autumn)”. What it means is “Fall is the best season for 〇〇”, and the famous expressions are like, “食欲の秋(Fall is the best season for appetite because it’s the season for harvest)”, “スポーツの秋(for sports because the temperature is suitable and the ratio of sunny days are relatively higher […]

Revitalize Yourself with Very Positive J-pop Songs Lists

Life is full of misunderstandings, shitty social relationships and negative news. Then I would say, why don’t you listen to a very positive J-pop songs? Here are my favorite very positive J-pop songs lists. Maybe you would feel it too bright or cheerful, but when you need such songs, why don’t you get some positive […]

Admiring Jason Statham

First of all, he is 54, and I’ve been thinking he is in 40s from 20 years ago to this day I found his real age on Wikipedia. There seems no visual proof that shows he is in 50s. I simply can’t believe he is such an attractive, highly action film suitable actor. The reason […]

Efforts that you don’t feel as efforts

Do you have some things which requires a certain efforts for people but not for you. There are some things that you can use a kind of “the force” thing, for instance, like everyone struggles to write an essay, but somehow you can finish writing really quickly. It can be said as a talent, but […]

Somebody can push you

Time flies so fast. I’m feeling like my basic personality hasn’t been changed from high school days. Actually that doesn’t mean much to me. I mean, I feel like I’ve been always in trouble since my high school days. The core problem I’ve been thinking from my high school days was “Who The Hell Am […]


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