Confessions of High School English Teacher

I am a high school English Teacher in Japan, and that has been causing a lot of troubles to delicate me myself. I truly think that I am often gloomy and active at the same time. I am ok. I am not that serious depressive patient. But you know, I think I am very delicateContinue reading “Confessions of High School English Teacher”

Putting my unconsciousness in order

Writing this article in the midnight makes my eyes really getting heavy. Days are unknown. Coming back to my house, I unconsciously found myself try to clean up one of my rooms which is known as the “chamber of secrets”, where is just a room filled with books I forgot to read. One of theContinue reading “Putting my unconsciousness in order”

A Night with Yutampo

Since living in Hokkaido, the next season is coming much faster than any other Japanese places. Winter has just arrived by snow falling in the last week unlike to the other mainland prefectures experiencing the best of fall season. A bit of snow falling is a very familiar seasonal phenomenon with us in November. ButContinue reading “A Night with Yutampo”

Starbucks Just Came to Town

Today (November 3rd) is a Japanese national holiday of “Culture Day”. This is a very abstract national holiday name at a glance though, the reason why today is the day is because today was the birthday of MEIJI Era Emperor. We Japanese divide years into certain periods due to basically the changing of the Emperor.Continue reading “Starbucks Just Came to Town”

Eat a Persimmon

Living in Japan as a Japanese, this autumn season reminds us many thing. There are actually many phrases on this season. The best well known and used cliches are “食欲の秋 (Autumn of Appetite)”, “スポーツの秋 (Autumn of Sports)” and “読書の秋 (Autumn of Reading)”. If you could quote one of these and talk with Japanese on theseContinue reading “Eat a Persimmon”

Remember the time when you first felt your heart broken

Through my life, I have experienced so much painful moments and countless delightful moments, but I can’t remember the painful moments that much, and this is not because I’m not good at remembering facts but I have tried to forget the things that hurt me unconsciously. So, basically, to remember the time when you firstContinue reading “Remember the time when you first felt your heart broken”