We Got Fight

Country music once inspired me a lot before, but not hearing that much these days. Today, a movie I watched, which is “The Ice Road” which reminds me of what is American Symbolic beauty or notions. The ending song of the movie was especially the most symbolic in entire this movie. The lyric was so energetic that I’d like to share this song for you who awaits your own fights.

We Got Fight LYRICS by Gary LeVox

We ain’t got much where I come from
We all work hard don’t bet on good luck
Ain’t no easy street just some gravel and a blacktop
And we hold on to oh everything we got

We got grit, we got guts
We got pride , we got tough
Aint no givin’ up runnin’ through our veins
Backs to the wall we’ll find a way
Never say quit never say die
Play a little rough
You’re daggone right
Oh knock us down
We’ll come back everytime
Yeah, we got fight

We don’t bark much We just hang tight
Sometimes the underdogs got the baddest bite
Its how we were born how we were raised
From our boots to our last names

Oh fire us up don’t count us out
‘cause we got fight
Dust of your hats for one more round
Yeah, we got fight

Eat well, Live well

I’m 28 years old and becoming 29 in the coming December. My birthday is December 23rd anyway. 27 years old still felt me as kind of a young man with the heart which seems pretty much the same to my high schooler’s mind. However, the situation suddenly seems to be changed from the age of 29. That sounds more like a nearly 30-year-old man, which defines me of “adult” age.

Somebody once said like this. In the 20s, men whom girls think as hot are males who look risky or unsafe. In the 30s, males who are interesting. In the 40s, who have fortune. That somehow made sense looking back to my 28 years of life. From now, I’m stepping into the next phase of my life, the 30s. I’m not sure what would be changed dramatically, or unchanged weirdly. Anyhow, I want to be a person who is at their best all the time.

To live a peaceful and healthy lifestyle, I’m taking care of my health condition no less than ever before. Try to eat healthier food (not bento which is sold at a convenience store containing a lot of chemical stuff), take supplements, and sleep well by turning off my smartphone after 8 or 9 o’clock pm. Personally, the most behavioral change that made me a great positive change was turning off the smartphone. Disconnecting from such addictive devices makes my mind clearer than before, and I think I can be a very decent man now. Eat well and live well, and hoping anything will be well.

Has urbanization had a positive effect on Japanese society?

Urbanization. The word reminds me of Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan. I had lived in Tokyo for 6 years from the beginning of my 20s to the middle of it, and the experience is one of the greatest experiences for me because I could feel and sense a lot of things every day. To a country boy who was born in Hokkaido’s rural city, everything seen in Tokyo was almost shocking. Simply, the amount of information was very different. You can say it is the difference of “cultural capital”. The moment when I first saw Shibuya(one of the busiest area in Tokyo), the words I hit upon at that time was, “Wow. I could finally make sense that everyone was here”.

I really owe Tokyo. Thanks to Tokyo, I could somehow understand how the Japanese world is made up and could realize the difference between rural areas and Tokyo areas. One of what I found out was that everyone, ultimately, is the same human being. Tokyoites and Hokkaidoers are the same, and of course, it is. Therefore, I was able to decide that I can graduate from Tokyo after 6 years of living. Due to this pandemic, ZOOM or digital transformation has been occurring, and the situation has been changing day by day. One thing that I can say is that it is an era that we can live where we want to live and do whatever we want to do. You can do anything which seems that you can only do in Tokyo in Hokkaido now thanks to the technologies. Therefore, there is no need for urbanization. Once you have a smartphone in your hand, you are urbanized and globalized at the same time.

How to Save Money?

Money. What a difficult topic to write about. Looking back to my whole life, and I sometimes realize the whole world’s issue is somehow originated from this issue: money. Lacking money creates a poor mind or afford less heart, and trigger meaningless trouble or in the worst-case scenario, war. Money would be a kind of the biggest criteria for anything. Of course, money cannot be the most valuable thing on this entire earth, but I cannot refute the idea that there is no o more value than money has.

Sounds a big problem? Today’s topic is how to save money to live peacefully. I have terrible money management skills so that it is a very tough thing to try to save money. When I encounter people who are saving money constantly or limiting their buying for their savings, I am simply struck with awe, at the same time to realize how am I bad at saving money. The reason is simple in my case. I’m just buying stuff that seems not that valuable, or buying kinds of stuff without any budget planning.

Now that I became a really serious guy about money or savings, I even set a goal for my savings. I’m trying to save 1 million yen. My new hobby is saving money. I personally have a huge motivation to achieve the goals that I once set. By saving money, I think I can finally take control over myself, and find a peaceful mind which is far from any monetary issue.

100th Article: Still Not Sure What To Write

Thank you for visiting and reading this article. This is memorial No. 100 article. The first article on this site was Drepressing Tuesday morning posted on May 5th, 2020, in the middle of depressing days of unknown early stage of COVID pandemic. The school was canceled during the time, so I started finding a new hobby that can fulfill my quarantine or stay home days. The article is about that kind of thing.

Somehow, I’ve been writing for this site in English (even though I’m Japanese) for nearly 1 year and 6 months and finally made 100 articles. If I post articles every day for this term, there should have been about 540 articles. So lazy days to write. Hmm… continuity is the father of success.

So, let me give you my imaginal interview session to celebrate this 100th post. Answers are pretty honest feelings of myself.

1. The reason why did you start writing an English blog?
I just don’t know. I just thought it would be cool if a Japanese teacher of English has an English blog and interact with some foreigners through comment sections, and anyway, during writing some article about anything, it’s fun to write. But every time I write, I feel a bit of sorrow because I cannot write as fluent as Japanese. I’m always thinking like if I could write English as Japanese, I can express my feelings in more funnier way or more impressive way.

2. What do you want to focus on writing in this blog?
I still don’t have any idea. Maybe I should write what I should write, but sometimes I open the posting page (I even set this page as a default one though) and wonder what I should write about, and find every flactals of my thoughts seems so boring that I sometimes quit and start to watch YouTube instead. I’m always secretly hoping like “Someone, please gimmie a topic for writing!” or like that. In short, there are two types of people I think. Someone who can work hard for yourself, or somebody else. I think I’m kinda the latter.

3. How old are you now, and what kind of goals do you set?
I’m 28 and becoming 29 this December. Shit. I will be 30 soon. 30 means entering a new generation to me (like entering a new park in Disney land). Anyhow, there are so many things that I want to achieve. Something can be bought and others are not able to be bought, but maybe got by your efforts. I wanna Kendo 7 dan, and want to live in New York and want to be free from money and become a funny person who can perform like a global comedian, and want to get Novel Prize for Literature. But man, I’m gonna be 30 soon. Can I make those goals seriously? Are they too big goals? I have no idea.

4. This article is getting too long, so please make a closing address.
So, dear my dearest readers. Thank you so so much for accessing and reading my contentless articles like green peppers. I don’t know if you enjoy my articles or this site content though, I feel I should not stop writing English posts. This is a kind of Keiko (a Japanese expression for practice for traditional Japanese arts) for me to learn and improve my English. I don’t know when I can finally make you happy or laugh or be touched by my English though, I’m always trying to move your heart. If you can leave a comment I would love to read and that would be a huge gas or petrol for myself. Thank you so much for reading here. See you tomorrow’s article!

My Simple Answer to Years-Long Bothering Question

Today, what I’d like to do is to write about a complicated question and my simple answer for which I’ve recently felt finding out. The question is what I’ve been thinking from my high schooler’s days. The days when I didn’t want to go to school because there seemed no specific reasons to go to school. Simply, boring, and it seemed to me that the school is one of the worst places ever to realize what is my dream or what do I want to be for my vast future.

The question was actually simple. “Who am I?”. Seriously, that’s the exact question from my 16 years old. Maybe it should be translated as “What do I want to do through my entire life”, or “What kind of person do I want to become”. Then, from the age to this day, the question became a kind of my underlying illness. This would not be praised or awarded though, I can say that I’ve been thinking about this question every day for almost 24 hours and 365 days. I often use exaggeration but not on this one. Seriously, it was like an illness, and if there were a kind of occupation that evaluates how long you can think about one damn boring question, I could be a professional.

The moment when I realize a simple answer was not sure though, I recently feel like this. The reason why I’ve been caring and minding about my unclear future so far so much is a kind of proof that I am a versatile person anyway. Please don’t misunderstand that I want to be an asshole. What I really want to say is the opposite.

There is a friend of mine who was a college mate. End of our college days, he had got a job offer from a company, and he got the job. However, within 3 months since he started the work, he suddenly resigned from the job because of not-interesting job content or stressful human relationship in his office. He then called and talked about what he had done over the phone, and my reaction was a bit surprising to him, I said, “I envy you. “

If I can love something or hate something so much, I can be something. That is what I had thought. However, I finally realize that I don’t have specific niche things that obsess me. And I think I should accept this personality at the age of 28. On the contrary, everything that I do now is what I should do in my life because I can do anything with the same passion.

For these 28 years, I’ve been pursuing to find an “ideal job”, which is the best job for me. But, now I notice that there is no such ideal job especially to me, and maybe what I’m doing now is what I should do in my life. By thinking this way, my mind became so clear that I want to challenge many things with a modest heart.

Compulsory retirement should be abolished?

It can be argued that abolishing compulsory retirement would not only be bad for older people but also for younger people, employers, and society in general.

First of all, everyone should have the right to retire and enjoy a few years of leisure at the end of their lives. Many people feel tired after many years of hard work and look forward to retirement. If compulsory retirement is abolished, people may be forced to work until they collapse. This is no way to repay people for a lifetime of hard work.

Another point to consider is that these days the job market is shrinking and that if older people do not retire there will not be enough jobs for young people. This is bad for Japanese society as high unemployment among young people is linked to higher rates of depression and crime.

In addition, abolishing the compulsory retirement age may cause problems for employers. Workforce planning will become very difficult if employers don’t know when their workers will retire. Also, companies might experience difficulties if their older workers suddenly become sick or unproductive due to age-related issues.

For these reasons, I think it would be much better for everybody to keep compulsory retirement in place.

Became Kendo 1 Dan

Sorry for the absence for about a week. Somehow I was busy working and stressed out somehow. Sometimes there are times in which you really need to focus on your work. However, tough work might brush me up to a higher level of myself. At least I believe that I could become stronger than ever.

Anyway, I’ve got good news, which is that I could finally get 1 Dan of Kendo. Most of you might not know what Dan means or even Kendo, so let me tell you. Kendo is a kind of Japanese martial art using a bamboo stick. This sport has been originally developed by Japanese Samurai for the practice of their battle.

But, honestly, kendo is not just sports. I feel like it’s more like training for your spirit or life itself. Therefore, we use the word “keiko” which basically means practice. However, keiko is not just training. We respect our master and competotors and try to brush up our way of thinking of not only kendo but also our life. In short, Kendo is Life. We can brush up our lives through the practice of kendo. I’m really into kendo more than before because of getting 1 Dan (First grade out of 8th grade).

The reason is sometimes not in mental

Do you often feel down? Or, always worry about tiny or big problem? Yesterday, I encountered a video clip on youtube, and the personality mentioned how to deal with our daily problems or worries. His solution was very unexpected one.

“Where is your heart (mind)?” Anyone have been thought about the question once in a life. Somebody would think it’s in our brain, and others would say it’s literarily in our heart or stomach. Now, I would like to say it’s the same thing to our body. We feel like we are thinking in our brain and our emotion is controlled by mainly brain. However, the reason why you get irritated easily today is just because your lack of iron, or skipping breakfast in the morning.

What the personality wanted to suggest is, we should firstly eat something decently before wondering our issues or worrying something. This is simply because we can’t worry correctly in a hunger or cold situation. We can’t think properly in such poor conditions. Therefore, we need to eat and make ourself warm first. That was the lesson the video wanted to say to us.

What do you think the advice? I personally really agreed with the idea. We sometimes misunderstand our mental health. The outside is getting colder, and maybe you would easily prone to get into trouble more often than before. We should count not only our mental health but also our body condition from now. Then, we can take care of ourselves more from now.

Good Lazy Morning

GOOD LAZY MORNING everyone and Good Yawning from a tiny school office. It’s getting pretty cold day by day, and finally the weather forecast says that the lowest temperature in my area would be around 1 or 0 degree Celsius from tomorrow morning.

Today was 6 degree Celsius

During this season, I personally sneeze a lot and have runny nose every in the morning when you arrived at your office and sit down. One day, a friend of mine mentioned that such symptom is called “temperature difference allergy”. Have you heard the term before? Actually, the new notion did make me sense. Not like pollen allergy, you don’t get itchy eyes with this one, and it is not confirmed by the usual allergy check up.

Anyway, the winter is approaching.