How to Become Fashionable person?

There are two types of men in this world. Those who are fashionable and not fashionable. What is the meaning of fashionable? Am I fashionable? I don’t think so. Every time I choose clothes to wear, I find myself I can’t realize the best suit outfits anytime. Every time I choose clothes, I feel a bit mourning or a bit depressing feeling because I have no idea what kind of clothes can truly fill my self-esteem or tiny pride in my life. On the other hand, suits are very interesting form to me. All I should chose is the color of suits, shirts and tie. It’s that easy. I can be really confident when I wear suits as a kind of armer. I would love to choose clothes from such an easy choices.

Of course, fashionable people do enjoy the complexing part, but for the non-fashionable people, that is the hardest part. Choosing or creating the style is such a tough work. Looking around people who are nearly the same age and same sex in the street, every time I feel less fashionable than those people. Everyone seems to wear suitable, fashionable outfits. What is the answer of coordinating? How can I find my own fit fashion style? I want to think about fashion again these days.

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