All I need is discipline and constant work

Discipline and constant work are the whetstones upon which the dull knife of talent is honed until it becomes sharp enough, hopefully, to cut through even the toughest meat and gristle.

Stephen King

So, this is a story that I really need this kind of lessons in my life here and now. Lazy is the best word that can exactly describe true myself. On holidays, all I’m doing is just reading wired books and watching endless recommended boring videos on the bed, and maybe getting depressed deliberately. I don’t know this medical term for this phenomenon though, don’t you often try to charge or update connecting with your bed by spoiling a whole Sunday? Somebody said to me that that is a crouching form for the great start from Monday. Well said I thought, but what does it really mean?

When I was pressed by work, I actually hardly have motivations for studying or updating this blog. All I want to do is just sleep as soon as I finished my supper. I don’t even manage to brush my teeth in that situation some day. But, maybe then, I lose against me, myself. Then, maybe I can lose confident. Keep doing something is really hard, but then it’s really worthy. I know, I know of it. But, you know, should I rush for the goal? Or can I take a time to go there by step by step? I’m not sure.

Somebody posted on Facebook several years ago and it still intrigues me

However, such things can be realized after keep doing constant works. I’m writing a newsletter for my homeroom class everyday for 1 year and several months though, it became my huge confidence. The true power would be nourished by a paper thickness, was said by Kendo master. So, you need to keep doing everyday. I swear I never ask the reason why I keep doing. I will keep doing because it is my hobby and play.

Author: Tomoharu Watanabe

Hi there. I'm 28 years old Japanese guy who currently live in northern part of Japan; Hokkaido, and a high school English teacher. Love reading books and watching movies and especially traveling around the world. Playing the guitar and kendo (Japanese traditional martial arts) is also my pastime.

2 thoughts on “All I need is discipline and constant work”

  1. I agree with the video that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. But I think if you’re feeling regret when you waste a Sunday in bed, there’s ways to kind of “hack” your life to do the things you want to do and find joy and relaxation in those accomplishments. For me, I know that if I don’t clean something on Friday night, I’ll waste the whole weekend. There’s something about cleaning something that gives me a little boost of accomplishment, like “YEAH. I did something! What can I do next??” Then I chase those accomplishment highs by working on something else.

    But also, then, you have to redefine “accomplished.” “Accomplished” doesn’t have to mean “finished.” If you spend 5 minutes working on one of your goals, that’s 5 minutes closer to your goal than you would be if you decided not to do anything. Like, 5 minutes of exercise is 5 minutes more exercise than you would get just sitting.

    I also like to use something called a “Pomelo timer.” I use this one:
    I set the timer and I think, “Just focus for 25 minutes… Just work on this for JUST 25 minutes. It’s not that long.” But then I see how much I could do in 25 minutes when the timer goes off and I feel accomplished. It usually makes me want to take my 5 minute break and jump back in for another 25 minutes!

    I know people often say, “Just relax… if you don’t feel like ____ing, just wait till you feel like it.” But I don’t believe in motivation. I don’t believe in the idea that we have to wait for motivation– it will never come. We have to make our own motivation. That’s just me though.

    I hope you find what works for you!


    1. Routine can save me from getting depressed, this is what I’ve been believing. A research showed that a people who have strict routine has less suicidal rate. Now I’m trying to clean my toilet everyday in the morning. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. It is really helpful.


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