Spring has come to everyone!

A photo of Meguro River in Tokyo sent from my friend

Hello guys. Finally, a new post here today. Spring has come. I have no idea though, the most of Japanese love to use this expression in English. Like, “Ah.. Sakura ga saite masune(ああ、桜が咲いてますね。「スプリングハズカム」ですね). “Spring has come” desune (Ah.. Cherry blossom looks beautiful. Spring has come, eh?)” By the way, “Spring has come” is “Haruga Kita(春が来た)” in Japanese.

Yes. Spring has come. Spring means a lot for Japanese. Spring can be metaphor of “New Love”, “Passing the entrance exam” or such new things. It’s a new season for anything for Japanese. And the Sakura (cherry blossom) is one of the best metaphor of spring for Japanese.

2 thoughts on “Spring has come to everyone!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Absolutely yes. But I also like fireworks festivals in summer, reading books in autumn and skiing in winter though^ ^


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