An excuse for being late

Hello World. I created and started this blog from May 5th, I even bought the unique domain for this site for about 3000 yen/year. My motivation at first was really high and really enjoyed writing entries. However, people tend to be laze if your job require you to focus on it, and your friends or colleagues try to invite me to a drinking party. Then, what happened? I’m writing this article about 2 months later after the last entry.

This isn’t actually a bad news to me though, I broke up with my girlfriend. We had been in a relationship for 2 years and a half. It’s my fault, and I’m totally ok with that. But, it seems that I need a bit time to get used to a New Normal life. I don’t even have to call her everyday anymore, and that seems a great relieving, but somehow felt like strange or empty. I need to fill this cup with new something or something I missed.

From now on, I’d like to express myself more here. I think I found a way for becoming who I really want to be. I will keep writing from now. Please let me know if you have some topics that you want me to write in the below comment box.

Sorry for being late, and thank you for reading.

Author: Tomoharu Watanabe

Hi there. I'm 28 years old Japanese guy who currently live in northern part of Japan; Hokkaido, and a high school English teacher. Love reading books and watching movies and especially traveling around the world. Playing the guitar and kendo (Japanese traditional martial arts) is also my pastime.

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