Let’s Talk About You

  1. What things do you love about your job?

High school teacher is the closest existence to the high schoolers, and the fact makes good influence to me. I can be energetic like teenagers, and we can share a kind of purest motivation. I’m 27 years old and that means there is at least 10 years gap between us. Sometimes their attitude break my heart in a bad way though, everyday seems dramatic. That is the best part of being a teacher I guess.

2. What things do you hate about your job?

Hmm. It’s a kind of my excuse though, the job needs too much output and I sometimes couldn’t find enough time to read or write. Japanese teachers are infamous for their crazy busyness. Maybe we should say thanks to this pandemic, the environment has gradually been changed in 2 to 3 months. Now everyone can see what is the necessary part of our job and what we can cut down. We should have more chill out time I think.

3. Why did you choose your job?

God only knows. Both of my parents are junior high teacher, and I have been influenced by their back since I was very young. The main talk over the dinner was always complaint about their stupid colleagues or problems with a student or their parents. Therefore I had never wanted to be a teacher until I went to an internship in my old school. That was dreamlike really fun time.

Thank you for reading.

Author: Tomoharu Watanabe

Hi there. I'm 28 years old Japanese guy who currently live in northern part of Japan; Hokkaido, and a high school English teacher. Love reading books and watching movies and especially traveling around the world. Playing the guitar and kendo (Japanese traditional martial arts) is also my pastime.

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